We would like to share with you the most Frequently Asked Questions FAQs that we receive here at CiaoDubai and the related answers.

  • When it’s the best period to visit Dubai?

Tourists come to Dubai all year round, with the European Summer being the low season. To better enjoy outdoor activities the period between October and May is recommended.
However, all the country’s modern development has taken into account the high Summer temperatures and therefore Air Conditioning can be found in all buildings and vehicles.

The Holy month of Ramadan occurs once a year, the date of which changes slightly every year. During Ramadan the rule of no eating, no drinking and no smoking in public places is valid for all people, including tourists. However generally speaking, inside hotel facilities these rules are not applied. Please check when the Ramadan period is, before planning your trip, if you think you won’t be able to respect these rules.

  • Is Dubai a safe place?

Dubai and the the United Arab Emirates as a whole is very safe and frequented by tourists, businessmen and expatriates from all over the world. It is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world, with a very low criminal rate.

  • Are there special rules I need to respect?

Please keep in mind that Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is an Islamic country and therefore basic rules need to be respected at all times.
Do not enter mosques nor prayers rooms – unless you are muslim.
Dress conservatively – despite being a city by the sea, going around with a bikini and sarong or bare chest is not allowed away from the beach and reasonable decency is expected on the beach..
Refrain from taking pictures of the ladies wearing the traditional black dress (Abaya) – they are private persons and do not like to appear in somebody’s photo album without giving prior consent.
If you smoke, please use the designated areas (always outdoor) and use the numerous ashtrays you’ll find everywhere in the city – the city is very clean for a reason.
Kissing or hugging in public places is not allowed – please keep your private life private.

You can find detailed information about the rules by clicking here.

  • Can I display my cross pendant or go to mass on Sunday?

Yes, no problem. You can even buy a gold or a precious stone cross if you like. You can choose any of several Christian churches to practice your religion.

  • Is the tap water good for tooth brushing?

Water in this country is a precious resource, as there is scarsity of it. Water is provided mainly by desalinization plants, that produce “sweet water”. This produces potable tap water, although for taste purposes we recommend bottled water for drinking. There is generally no problem for a visitor to drink the tap water.

  • What is the best way to move around?

It definitely depends where you have to go. There are 2 Metro lines covering most areas of the city. But of course in other cases taxi’s can take you directly to your destination.

Taxis operate 24/7 in the city and all have meters, so you never have to bargain about the fare. By any standards Taxi’s are cheap and safe, however, please pay the driver in local currency (dirham) so to avoid misunderstandings about the exchange rate.